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A Game Entrepreneur's Journey

Hi, I'm Reza. I was born and raised in Iran and had a passion for entrepreneurship and games from a young age. After leaving high school to work in a family transportation company, I was driven to return to my studies and completed both the remaining high school and a bachelor's degree in 4 years. During university, I joined a robotics lab as a developer and eventually became a team lead.

Along with a friend, we started our gaming startup in Iran called Ordibehesht Studio and made a successful game, and after facing barriers due to sanctions, we decided to move abroad and start Joyixir in Estonia. We published a hyper-casual game with Voodoo and are now developing a casual word game for the US market.

I am constantly pushing myself to improve and grow, both personally and professionally. My ultimate goal is to create a dream place for creative minds to freely bring their ideas to life. Throughout my journey, I've honed my skills in game design, marketing, financials, and people management, and have won several awards including best entrepreneur of the state and best multiplayer mobile game in Mena IMGA.

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